“Fascination Maldives” is a charter company in the Maldives.


Naseem – Director of Operations

The director “Naseem” is a very famous Maldivian captain with a passion for the sea and for yachts.
He started his career as a captain for many international tour operators and on yachts of different sizes for more than 15 years. He then changed his life to live in Monaco and work for the famous “Monaco Yacht Club”, learned to speak French and discovered what the world of luxury yachts looks like!

He then had the idea with his partner Maxine to create a charter company and then bought “Fascination” for a vacation in the Maldives. He is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the Yacht, crew, licenses, security and supplies. He is the man behind the scenes that makes all this possible!

Maxine – Director of Sales and Marketing

The director of sales and marketing “Maxine” is English but grows up and lives in Monaco. She has worked as a manager for a well-known group of Italian luxury fashion, for many years she has had great success in business. Maxine met her partner during a diving holiday in the Maldives and fell in love with the beauty of the country. With her partner Naseem, they made the decision to start the charter in the Maldives, first with a catamaran before buying “Fascination” and to rename the company “Fascination Maldives”. The company has now expanded into Resorts & Spa holidays.

Maxine is responsible for sales and marketing, with her team, she will ensure that every detail is achieved.