If you are looking for not only beaches and relaxation, but also a more exciting cruise with friends or family, but still private and luxurious, then experience Fascination Surfing charters.

The captain will take you to the best surf spots every day. Surf all day or for a few hours, you decide! He will select the less traveled spots and the best waves at the right time throughout his knowledge and relationships.

You will wake up every morning at sunrise, breakfast will be served on the deck, with omelette, fruit, cereal, toast, coffee and fruit juice! Then it’s time to get in the water and ride those huge waves! You can start from the back deck of Fascination or our staff will take you into the dingy. Lunch time returns to the Yacht, where delicious fresh dishes are served by the chef. The Yacht could then if you want to sail to a different place for more surfing. At sunset, return to the Yacht for drinks and dinner will be served with on the menu fresh fish grill, curry rice and vegetables, it’s time to relax after a long active day.

Surfing in the Maldives attracts many surfers from all over the world. The same waves that hit Indonesia ended in the Maldives except that the latitude is a bit higher and the SE exposure has less energy.

What’s better for a surf vacation than a luxury yacht, to access the many different points of the North and South Atolls of Male. Surf spots are available directly from Fascination’s back platform or we can drop you off in the dingy.

On a Yacht there are no constraints and surfers can choose from the most famous breaks. The Fascination Team will try to make sure you surf the most famous spots: Cokes, Jailbreaks (Himmafushi), Honky’s, Sultans & Tucky Joes! These are incredible waves !.

The most famous waves are in the atolls of northern Male. These long waves offer rights and lefts, whether you are an intermediate, intermediate or professional surfer. Waves ranging from 1 to 6 meters; For beginners, the South Male Atoll is more recommended.

During your stay, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy other activities, such as snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, diving and water sports, but also the opportunity to visit the local islands with their stories, their mosques, their fishing production, such as smoked tuna.

North and South Male Atoll, the surf season runs from April to October during the Southwest monsoon. The largest swells extend from May to August with waves of 2 to 8 feet throughout the season.

The standard waves of the central atoll are long and clean with a size varying between 2 and 8 feet. During the winter of the southern hemisphere (April-October), it is almost never flat.

Kite surfing in the Maldives has become very popular in recent years. The Maldives are the perfect place in the world for kite surfing, turquoise and flat waters and always this little hot wind, this feeling of freedom !!